Dan Melchior
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Scrabble® Poetry

I once played a game of Super Scrabble® with relatives. After the game, I thought it might be interesting to try and write a poem by utilizing every word that was played in the game. At first I thought it might be possible to ONLY use words that were in the game, however, that turned out to be tougher than expected. Instead, I allowed myself to use any other words I needed but did have to use every word from the game (see the picture of the completed board below). I also gave myself punctuation and capitalization liberty which I most often do anyway!  This exercise turned out to be very enjoyable and interesting.  I have not heard of someone doing this before so I thought I would share. See my poem below based on the adjacent picture (BTW, words from the game are underlined).


Dogtown mews as it was known

A place of dives, ex-cons call home

Black and gray muted tones

Mix with titles like payday loan

A small diner up the block

Gave the bored and bleak a place to stop

The prices were fair, the salad crisp

A jar by the door kept the tips

Quarts of coffee poured and poured

Giving a jolt to those who were bored

As couples went Dutch and gravy was sopped

In walked furor, everyone stopped

Jimmy was one most should shun

Wanted for frauds and having a gun

Given zero except for rage

For his life in irons and time in a cage

Storms gathered in his brain

An itchy finger and then she was slain

Her wig gave up, fell to the floor

Jimmy broke the lock on the register drawer

No one of valor raised their head

A coder and a stager frozen dead

Once a hub of the little town

The diner, full of taint, was soon torn down

Years after year, as the state fair grows

And the emcee rants during the shows

It’s ironic that no one truly knows

The story of the waitress known as Mi

The total of her life gone in a spree

Decoy guns flash like zinc

Tunes blare, parents drink

Ribbons to an ox, prizes for pies

A loser’s ego chided

In front of too many eyes

Time will fly memories will melt

Ah, Jimmy’s still wanted for killing as she knelt

Dan Melchior