Dan Melchior
Advisor - Author - Speaker - Poet


Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

I reach down to tie my pupil black

Glistening shoes, shined just as you taught

Rising I notice the razor sharp crease

Reminding me of your life’s labor

Forty years pressing clothes

Pressing, pressing, pressing

Pressing clothes

All so your children would not end up

Pressing clothes

Last we spoke your infant like blue eyes

Asked the question your lips could not

I held your small veined, tired hands

I kissed your hallowed cheeks

I thanked you for piping hot breakfasts

Homemade birthday cakes

The few but always clean clothes

The very warm bed and the humble, humble home

I thanked you for my life

But most of all for yours

For in it lay the lesson

Sometimes less is more

The razor sharp crease is no more

Dan Melchior